Books and magazines



There are numerous volumes that deal with the fascinating world of shells, written by various authors since 1500. In fact, a knowledge of facts and data, in a science so well definited as Malacology, is indispensable for someone who wants, in some way or another, to get involved into the world of shells. At this point some authors of the past need to be mentioned, like: Linnaeus, d’Argenville, Lamarck, Gmelin, Martini, Sowerby, Gray, Kiener, Chemnitz. In the library of the museum there are over 3000 books and a huge number of specialised magazines which offer a great  fount  for malacological studies. As an introduction to the world of malacology, there are texts which The International Malacological Exhibition would recommend. For those who have allready taken a step into malacology, there is absolutely no lack of monographical texts and new publications listed in the magazine “Malacologia”. All these are available in the museum’s bookshop which is one of the most well-stocked in Europe. The museum publishes every three months also its own magazine “Malacologia Mostra Mondiale”, edited by L’Informatore Piceno since 1988.